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Beyond brilliant

A narrow, dark, cold Northcote terrace gets a light, bright rethink, connecting it to the world beyond and allowing a young family to stay in their close-knit community.

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Style & sustainability

Sustainable design is on show and hidden in the detail of this urban Melbourne home.

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Light box

Despite its diminutive size, this tiny terrace in Sydney’s Newtown is far from dark and poky.

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Small, smart & detailed

This single fronted terrace in Clifton Hill, inner Melbourne, is a classic Victorian. Built over a century ago when the fashion was for introspective homes, the home was dark, enclosed and small.

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Window ratio to floor area advice

One reader asks architect Caroline Pidcock about ideal window ratios.

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High-performing windows

What makes windows and other double glazing units high-achievers in your home?

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The shower is one of the easiest and most cost effective places to decrease your water use.