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Recycled timber: material that tells a story

Recycled timber can be a beautiful feature in a new build or renovation – but there’s quite a bit to get your head around when deciding how best to use this valuable material.

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From the ground up: A modern take on earth building

At its best it’s a low energy alternative with plenty of potential for effective passive solar design, with houses sprung from the very ground they rest on. Dick Clarke outlines the modern application of one of the oldest building materials around.

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Budget beauty

Emma Hohnen wanted a modest home for herself and her two children on a tiny budget in an even smaller timeframe. The restrictions led to the creation of a light, airy, character-filled space tailored exactly to her needs.

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Sustainable House Day 2015

Take a tour inside some of Australia’s most environmentally progessive homes this September as part of Sustainable House Day.

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Handmade with love: building with recycled materials

Building a new house out of old materials was a singular vision for a Perth couple.

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City pavilion for long summer days

Each year for the next four years an outstanding architect will be commissioned to design a temporary pavilion for the Queen Victoria Gardens in Melbourne.

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WikiHouse, an open source construction set

Sanctuary magazine introduces WikiHouse, an open source information system that enables people to design and build their own houses.

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Building with bamboo

Used as a building staple in south-east Asia since ancient times, bamboo is now seen as the ecological choice for everything from floorboards to cleaning products, but just how green is this grass?

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Composting toilets can save up to 60,000 litres of water a year for an average home.