Sustainable apartments

Building the ‘missing middle’

This compact three-unit development on a very small lot near Fremantle focuses on balancing community, sustainability and affordability.

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High Life Expo 2016: sustainable strata living

Calling all inner Melbourne apartment dwellers: looking to make your home more comfortable and efficient? Keen to reduce common energy bills? Want to know how to get owner-led sustainability projects off the ground in your building? High Life Expo will connect you with others who have already done it, and suppliers and experts who can help.

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The Commons: green design for density

We preview plans for The Commons in issue 19 of Sanctuary.

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Sustainable apartment redesign brings greater energy efficiency

Sanctuary Sustainable Design Directory member EME Design improved the functionality and energy efficiency of this inner city apartment.

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Did You Know?

Composting toilets can save up to 60,000 litres of water a year for an average home.