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A home for life

Metro Melbourne’s first certified Passive House is throwing open its doors for Sustainable House Day 2017 to show that high performance housing can be achieved on a tight budget.

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Ultimate payoff

A concerted effort by dedicated clients and their committed design and build team has pushed the envelope on this super-efficient 9.8 Star house near Canberra. Open for Sustainable House Day 2017.

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Idealising design: Passive House NZ

Building to strict Passive House standards may seem overkill in Auckland’s mild climate, but with no
need for heating or cooling and next to no bills, the Durbin family have found it to be the ideal solution.

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Outside the box: An energy-efficient addition

An energy-efficient addition to a charming double brick home in Melbourne’s east bucks the trend for all new.

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Style & sustainability

Sustainable design is on show and hidden in the detail of this urban Melbourne home.

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WikiHouse, an open source construction set

Sanctuary magazine introduces WikiHouse, an open source information system that enables people to design and build their own houses.

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Di Mase Architects talk about their passive warehouse design

Get to know one of the architects in our Sustainable Design Directory, Di Mase Architects.

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