Beyond the brand: appliances guide

Are you in the market for a new cooktop, fridge or smaller household appliance? With so much rubbish around, it’s worth doing your homework to get value for money.

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Sydney terrace reborn

Architect Caroline Pidcock has lovingly restored her historic Sydney terrace to the highest standards of energy efficiency and sustainability.

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Sanctuary 32 hitting the streets

Issue 32 of Sanctuary Green Home magazine is on its way to letterboxes and newsagencies near you, full of advice and inspiration for sustainable living and building.

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Induction cooktops – now we’re cooking!

Going off gas can make both environmental and economic sense, as the ATA’s newly released report has found. The organisation’s Sophie Liu, who has recently made her own happy induction cooktop purchase, considers what this means in the kitchen.

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Texture & light

When you walk in the back door of this house in Melbourne’s north you’re faced with enough fresh produce and condiments to encourage you to head straight into the kitchen and cook.

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Suburban treehouse

A lightweight treetop extension gives a young Sydney family a little extra space and a more comfortable lifestyle.

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Appliances for green kitchens

Efficiency ratings are important but there are other things to consider when buying ‘green’ kitchen appliances.

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Recycled kitchens, salvage with style

Kitchens lend themselves brilliantly to salvaged materials and with care and time, recycled kitchens can be stunning.

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Many greywater systems are low-cost, easy to use and can feed your garden with a regular supply of water.