On cloud nine

This New Zealand architect borrowed a Japanese compact house concept for his own small home, achieving an uplifting living space in a mere 50 square metres.

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Less is more

The owners of a tiny house, built using SIPs, are relishing the experience of living a life less ordinary.

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In the saddle

The result of a mutual understanding between architect and client, Saddle Hill House is a comfortable and well-insulated family home, achieved through passive solar design and renewable energy.

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Seismic shift

Under New Zealand’s seismic codes renovation can be tricky and expensive, but the rewards can be remarkable.

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Kiwi bach

Designed as a student project for an international green building competition, this reimagined Kiwi ‘bach’ has found its permanent place on the east coast of New Zealand’s North Island.

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Idealising design: Passive House NZ

Building to strict Passive House standards may seem overkill in Auckland’s mild climate, but with no
need for heating or cooling and next to no bills, the Durbin family have found it to be the ideal solution.

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Japan inspired

A New Zealand home inspired by Japanese architecture and passive design principles seeks to cross cultural borders.

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