Grass is greener

Part of our Common Ground feature on sustainable and liveable strata, this Melbourne apartment block’s residents banded together to install an extensive green roof, with many benefits.

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Strata artistry

With abundant natural light and ventilation, this new 8.6 Star apartment building is an exemplar of urban densification done well.

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Copper House: green secondary dwelling

This 60-square-metre secondary dwelling on a narrow lot in Coogee replaced the original fibro shack. Designed for flexible use into the future and conceived by Takt, the building is designed as three boxes which step down the slope.

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Beyond greener pastures

Sanctuary takes a look at some leading examples of low carbon, community-focused developments in suburban and regional Australia.

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Ecovillages come to town

It’s argued that Australia is well behind the pack when it comes to green building, but an increasing number of progressive multi-residential projects across the country are showing what’s possible. There’s also a growing move to bring these developments to our cities, spurring innovation that spans sustainable design to creative financing.

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