A sunny addition

Issue 31 Words: Emily Braham Photography: Fraser Marsden
Ivanhoe, Victoria
  • The addition’s street-facing room-width glazing steps the house out to the footpath.
  • The bespoke structural reclaimed timber ‘portal’ framing has been a talking point with guests and also features useful storage.
  • The north-facing addition makes the most of its garden outlook, with wide openings for indoor/ outdoor living and optimum solar gain.
  • The open-plan addition is a natural meeting place for the family.

A northern addition to an art deco bungalow in Melbourne’s north makes the most of natural light and the garden, while being generous to the street.

Sarah and Richard bided their time before embarking on a sustainable renovation of their period Ivanhoe home, and after eight years and three children they had a honed wish-list. They wanted to retain the original spacious bedrooms and living room at the front, but replace the dark and dated extension at the back with a new, light-filled multi-purpose living space and kitchen. For the bargain, they got a master bedroom which overlooks the garden, a separate laundry and bathroom, and plenty of clever storage.

Set on a quiet, dead-end street with a park a few doors down, the generous block had plenty of scope for change. However, they were determined not to take from their north-facing garden for more indoor space. Indeed, the decision to enlist architect Andrew Maynard was due in part to his commitment to small.

“It’s something we try to do with all our projects, to do more with less,” says Andrew. “We come from the perspective that the green space should be the aggressor rather than the victim – you see in a lot of projects that the outdoors can become quite a weak space because it’s not considered as part of the overall design from the start.”

As a result, the landscaped native garden is the focal point of the open-plan addition, which exists side by side with the original art deco bungalow and features wide double-glazed sliding doors that open up the entire space to the north.“The footprint is almost exactly as it was,” says Andrew. “The back of the house is set north-facing so we just had to do the responsible thing and maximise that.”

Light is always the first part of the process for Andrew. In this project, a bold, room-width window on the eastern facade steps the addition out to the pavement, flooding the space with morning sun. Mechanical louvres maintain privacy and keep out summer sun on the hottest days, and keep heat in overnight in winter.

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Andrew Maynard Architects
TCM Building Group
Alteration & addition
Ivanhoe, Victoria
House 195 sqm, land 700 sqm
6.1 Stars (this rating excludes solar power).

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