Saving water means saving money in Victoria

Water-saving technology like efficient shower heads and rainwater tanks save people money as well as helping the environment, new research by the ATA reveals.

According to the new report, The Economics of Water Saving in Victoria, rising water prices mean it makes financial sense for households and businesses to save water.

The report, funded by the Consumer Utilities Advocacy Centre, studied the economic effects of installing high-efficiency shower heads, toilets, dishwashers and washing machines, as well as rainwater tanks, greywater systems and water recirculators.

Damien Moyse, the ATA’s policy manager, said water prices had risen considerably in Victoria in recent years and were likely to continue going up.

“As the price of mains water rises, there is a greater financial incentive for people to switch to water saving,” Mr Moyse said.

Among the findings, the report says:

  • The most efficient showerheads (with a flow of 5 litres a minute) are economically the best choice for consumers.
  • Rainwater tanks up to 5000 litres in capacity can save people considerable amounts of money.
  • A family washing clothes 4-10 times a week will benefit from a higher efficiency washing mashine that saves water and energy.
  • A simple toilet water saver device, which flushes for only as long as the button is held down and can be installed by renters, will pay for itself in a few months.

“People aren’t used to thinking about water-saving technology helping them financially as they do energy-saving technology,” Mr Moyse said. “The results from this study are compelling.”

“This report gives people in all suburbs and regions across Victoria an idea of how much they are likely to save when adopting particular water-saving technology.”

The Alternative Technology Association (ATA) is a not-for-profit organisation that advocates and educates for sustainable living.

To read the report, click here.

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