Sanctuary 36 released

Issue 36 Words: Sanctuary Photography: Annette O'Brien

A courtyard or balcony can become a lush city oasis, as the gorgeous cover image of our latest Sanctuary magazine demonstrates.

This tiny garden in Melbourne’s inner city suburb of Fitzroy is a riot of greenery with hanging pots, creepers, trees and shrubbery combining to create depth and height. Garden owner Anne Atkins is opening it up for Sustainable House Day 2016, and offering you the opportunity to experience this compact space.

Visiting beautiful homes and meeting those who design, build and live in them is our favourite part of putting Sanctuary each quarter. And Sustainable House Day is the one time each year we extend that privilege to you. Over one hundred sustainable houses are going on show on Sunday 
11 September and to whet your appetite, the latest Sanctuary features three homes opening for the first time this year as well as one that opened for last year’s event.

Check out what else is in the latest Sanctuary!

In the latest magazine, we profile six sustainable renovations that have found clever ways to bring in natural light and improve efficiency and celebrate the achievements of long-time readers Wade and April, who have finished the house they had design workshopped in Sanctuary issue 16 – and it’s an owner-built, 9.4 Star beauty! We also give you tips for greening your courtyard or balcony, ask whether it is time to quit the grid and help you pick a site with potential.

Sanctuary 36 is on its way to letterboxes and newsagencies near you, full of advice and inspiration for sustainable living and building.

And as always we feature a wide range of innovative sustainable products and design tips for your home.

We welcome your feedback. Perhaps there’s something else you would you like to see in Sanctuary? Let us know on Facebook, Twitter or email.

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Cover of Issue 36
You can read more about Sanctuary 36 released in Issue 36 of Sanctuary magazine.

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Did You Know?

Many greywater systems are low-cost, easy to use and can feed your garden with a regular supply of water.

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