Mildura Eco Living Centre

There has been a small avalanche of awards and award nominations for EME Design’s Mildura Eco Living Centre.

Opened in June, the goals of this community-driven project are to inspire and educate. The centre is built on degraded land that was once landfill and it’s a starting point for the site’s regeneration.

The learning space inside the centre features a curved earth wall built by the community. It fits around 40 people with smaller breakaway teaching spaces in adjacent teaching gardens. Here you can learn from experts around campfires, learn in groups at waterholes and study by yourself in cave spaces.

Passive solar design keeps temperatures inside fairly steady with further heating provided by 16 watt fans circulating air through nine solar air collectors. A rock bed underneath the building stores this heat to be fanned back into the building when required.

Careful window placement provides natural ventilation and frames surrounding views for occupants. The centre’s double-layered roof system purges solar gain in summer and holds onto the heat in winter.

The centre has placed EME Design as a finalist in the Premier’s Design Awards, they are shortlisted for the BPN Sustainability awards and they won the BDAV 2013 best environmentally sustainable design (non-residential) and public buildings (new project) awards.

EME Design.

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