Green experts on keeping your home cool and comfortable

How can I keep my home cool in summer and minimise air-conditioning? How can I renovate to make it more comfortable year-round? What are the most energy efficient improvements I can make to my home?

These are some of the questions likely to be asked at Speed Date a Sustainability Expert in Melbourne on February 22.

Leading green home designers, architects and sustainability experts will provide free advice to the public during 13-minute “dates”.

The event is held by the not-for-profit Alternative Technology Association (ATA) in partnership with the City of Melbourne and Positive Charge.

Speed Date a Sustainability Expert will include experts on:

  • Passive solar design
  • Energy efficiency
  • Solar power
  • Windows and glazing
  • Green roofs, walls and facades
  • Sustainable gardens
  • Rainwater saving and greywater

According to Emilio Fuscaldo of the award-winning Nest Architects, one of the attending experts, there are many ways to make a home cooler in summer without using a lot of energy:

“Insulation is really important,” Emilio says. “Having good insulation will potentially mean you use less air-conditioning.”

“Then there are things like painting your roof and walls in light colours and shading the roof, walls and windows that are exposed to the sun. Sealing draughts is another crucial consideration.”

Donna Luckman, the ATA’s chief executive, says Speed Date a Sustainability Expert will be an informative and fun experience.

“People can bring sketches, plans or photographs on their tablet, laptop or in hard copy. Registration is essential.”

Speed Date a Sustainability Expert

When: Saturday, February 22, 2pm – 4pm
Where: The Drill Hall, 26 Therry Street, Melbourne
Cost: Free. Booking essential – limited spots available

Image: Nick Stephenson


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