Energy efficiency inspections project

Are you curious to know about the air tightness of your home and the quality of its insulation?

CSIRO’s House Energy Efficiency Inspections Project CSIRO is conducting a study in homes across Australia to assess their air tightness and quality of insulation, and is looking for ten more homes in Sydney to fill the quota.

If your house is less than four years old and you live in Sydney, you can register to make your home available for testing and inspection to assess air tightness and quality of insulation.

How can I get involved?

Register your interest to participate here.

With energy costs rising, home energy use is affecting all householders’ budgets. The air tightness and the quality of insulation can have a significant impact on how much energy you need to keep the inside of your home comfortable throughout the year.

What do I commit to?

Your house would be blower door tested and have a thermal imaging and ceiling inspection.

What do I get?

At the end of the study you will receive a report on your home’s air tightness and insulation quality (worth $800) and a copy of CSIRO’s Home Energy Saving Handbook (worth $30)

Can I withdraw from the study?

Participation in the project is voluntary and you are free to withdraw from the project at any time.

Any questions about the study?

If you have any questions regarding this study please contact either Mike Syme or Michael Ambrose

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Did You Know?

Up to 60 per cent of the water used in an average home is used outside.

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