Currumbin Ecovillage receives top award

Words: Olivia Shying

The Currumbin Ecovillage last night received top honours at the annual Australian Institute of Architects President’s dinner in Brisbane.

The Ecovillage, home to 200 people, was presented with the prize by Queensland Chapter President, Shane Thompson.

Mr Thompson said the award recognised the commitment of the Ecovillage to promoting and exercising sustainable living .

“The Ecovillage at Currumbin is one of the great achievements of contemporary Queensland. It remains the benchmark achievement in sustainable community development in Australia – the many experts and researchers from around the world who continue to visit attest to that,” he said.

The award paid tribute to the visionary of the Ecovillage, the late Christoper Walton, who died in a freak accident late last year.

Mr Walton’s partner Kerry Shepherd collected the award, saying she hoped Currumbin would continue to inspire people to live in an environmentally aware way.

“The vision we had for the Ecovillage was to inspire sustainable development within the industry. With this prestigious recognition, and the rationale behind Mr Thompson’s choice, we truly hope that others will continue to make change for the better and create places where people can live more sustainably, with a high quality of life,” she said.

The award is not the first for the Ecovillage, which has been the recipient of over 30 awards, from both national and international bodies.

The Ecovillage is located on a 270-hectare site along the Gold Coast, and has both residential housing and over 20 community facilities. It is completely self-sufficient in its energy use and  has achieved complete autonomy in water and wastewater recycling.

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