Create from a Crate

Designers have been turning to recycled packing crates and pallets for a competition called Create from a Crate. This year’s competition, with exhibitions set for early 2014, is run by the Woodworkers Association in partnership with Waste Converters.

Every year hundreds of thousands of crates and pallets are imported into Australia. Most of these end up in landfill and in Victoria alone, over 500,000 tonnes of timber waste is dumped each year – that’s enough to fill the MCG 1.5 times over.

Ward Petherbridge from Waste Converters Recycling launched the exhibition as a way of educating the community about wood-packaging waste. ‘Our business recycles over 20,000 tonnes of packaging waste annually. Much of the timber processed is from exotic foreign timber species including oak, cherry, maple and elm. On-site we repair and re-purpose a significant volume of timber pallets but unfortunately a percentage still gets pulverised into low-grade mulch. The exhibition goes some-way towards preserving and showcasing the inherent beauty of timber waste,’ said Petherbridge.

An entrant in this year’s competition, Kristen Montgomery from Sneaky Boarding design, says that there is a the feeling of accomplishment you receive once you have completed a project that started off looking like a beaten and broken crate and now looks like a beautiful piece of furniture.

The Victorian Woodworkers Association will be at the Timber and Working with Wood Show this weekend at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre to promote Create from a Crate. Entries close on the 31st October 2013. An exhibition will take place in both metro Melbourne and Ballarat in February and March 2014.

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Image: Banksy Buffet by Sneaky Boarding design, made from recycled pallets and skateboard decks.

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