Could you be an EcoCity storyteller?

Photography: Nick Stephenson

The EcoCity Stories project aims to help residents, workers, volunteers and students tell their own stories about how they are building a city that will thrive in the future.

The City of Melbourne is looking for fifteen people to become EcoCity storytellers and learn to tell powerful stories about sustainability in the city of Melbourne.

The storytellers will learn from professionals, including a journalist, filmmaker and digital expert, about how to write stories, shoot and edit videos and publish their stories widely.

The EcoCity Stories Project will run from August 1st to October 31st. Applications are due by 5pm Monday July 13.

What does being a storyteller involve?

As a storyteller, you will attend six Storytelling Workshops, facilitated by experienced and passionate media pros.  You will learn practical skills to help you write articles, shoot and edit short films and publish your stories online, on social media and in print.

You will also have the opportunity to attend three daylong Storytelling Labs, where you can drop-in to work on your stories and get one-on-one advice from the facilitators. The Labs provide a dedicated space for all the storytellers to work collaboratively, or to simply learn by doing.

There is no financial cost. Instead, you will need to commit to creating at least two stories and three social media posts during the project.

Who will the storytellers be?

Absolutely anyone living, working, volunteering or studying in the City of Melbourne municipality is welcome to apply. The project is looking for people who are passionate about building a city that is just as liveable one hundred or even one thousand years from now, as it is today.

If you’re involved in a great project that is helping to create that kind of city, or if you simply love hearing and telling stories about sustainability, you are encouraged to apply.

Visit the EcoCity Stories website for more on the selection process and application form.


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