Be part of Sustainable House Day 2016!

Issue 36 Words: Anna Cumming Photography: Marcel Lee

Open the door to sustainable living and tour some of Australia’s most progressive homes on Sustainable House Day. 

Sustainable House Day: Sunday 11 September 2016

This free national event allows people to inspect and learn from new homes and renovations that push the boundaries for sustainable design, garden design, renewable energy and energy efficiency.

At Sanctuary we bring you insights into people’s green homes, but no matter how many stories we tell or photos we print, nothing quite replaces actually walking through a sustainable house.

You can do just that on 11 September 2016, when our publisher the Alternative Technology Association presents the annual Sustainable House Day. If you’re considering building a new home or renovating, it’s a wonderful opportunity to see first-hand how others have made their homes more comfortable to live in and cheaper to run while lessening their impact on the environment.

More than 100 of Australia’s best environmentally sustainable homes will be open for public viewing on Sustainable House Day, from new builds and major renovations to off-grid homes and some whose owners have made a range of small changes to make them more environmentally friendly. Features like green roofs, thermal mass walls, backyard aquaponics and food farms, battery back-up and off-grid energy systems, hot water heat pumps and household electric cars will be on display at various houses across the country, in metro and rural areas and regional centres.

Talks and tours will be held on the day by homeowners as well as sustainable architects and designers. We know from past events that over 95 per cent of people attending Sustainable House Day find it useful to see for themselves how sustainable features are used. Within a month of the event, a third will already be taking action by including sustainable design, features and appliances in their renovation or new home.

Sustainable House Day is a fantastic opportunity for everyone to be inspired about what they can achieve in their own home and garden. For a taste of what is on offer or to register, go to:

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Up to 60 per cent of the water used in an average home is used outside.

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