Designers rise to the challenge with 10 Star homes

The finalists have been announced for the 2013 Building Designers Association Victoria (BDAV) 10-Star Challenge.

Maxa Design, F2 Design in collaboration with Phoebe Clarke and MichSquared Design in collaboration with Emma Schmutzer and Faith Tek are finalists in the single dwelling category. Armsby Architecture and last year’s single dwelling category winner Melbourne Design Studios are finalists in the multi-dwelling category.

The challenge encourages designers to design super energy efficient homes that require no heating or cooling to be comfortable to live in all year-round. The challenge aims to boost awareness of the benefits of good sustainable design and improve the capability of building designers to build affordable and efficient homes.

“The 10-Star Challenge allows building designers to showcase their expertise in eco-friendly design, at a time when Australians are paying more attention to energy use in their homes,” said challenge ambassador James O’Loghlin.

Sanctuary’s editor Sarah Robertson was privileged to take part as a judge of this year’s 10-Star Challenge.

“It’s no easy feat to design a 10 Star home. The entries in this year’s challenge show that homes can be energy efficient, environmentally sustainable, very well designed, and they can be designed on modest budgets,” she said.

BDAV president Michael O’Sullivan said the 10-Star Challenge encourages designers to think outside the square. “The BDAV is committed to helping reduce greenhouse emissions; our members have long seen sustainable design as best practice,” he said

The winners for each category will be announced in late July. Read more about the challenge on the BDAV website and in the August issue of Sanctuary magazine.

Image above: EME Design’s cohousing design for 16 homes was a joint winner of the 2012 10-Star Challenge multi-residential category along with F2 Design.

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