AIA’s sustainable architecture award winners

Australian Institute of Architects (AIA) award winners have recently been announced in various states around the country, with the national awards coming up in November. Here are a few of the residential sustainability and small design award winners from the states.

New Town House, Hobart 

Small practice architect John Adam won a Sustainable Architecture Award. New Town Road House received the Peter Willmott Award for Small Project Architecture at the 2015 Tasmania Architecture Awards. The house, designed by Core Collective and featured in Sanctuary 30 is set on just a 76 square metre block.

Once a fish and chip shop, the tiny building has expanded over three floors to a two-bedroom, two-bathroom home with living areas and a studio. The design incorporates a mixed palette of reused materials including the original red brick walls and a textured patchwork in the studio wall made up of collected glass and steel, salvaged from the property over the years.

Above image: Peter Whyte

Read more about the house in Shopfront Revival in Sanctuary 30.

Grandfather Tom, South Australia

grandfather tom

Small practice John Adam Architect won a Sustainable Architecture Award in the South Australian awards for ‘Grandfather Tom’, a renovation and extension to a 20th Century villa.

“One of the core sustainability principles for this deceptively simple house addition was a desire to minimise the floor area of any additional space. Most of the pre-existing ‘back-end’ additions for the early 20th Century villa were retained and incorporated into the new living, kitchen and bathroom elements. Careful planning has enabled generous living spaces and doubling the hallway with study space allowed these to be constrained,” according to the judges.
“The incorporation of good practice environmental controls such as hydronic radiators, good cross ventilation, northerly aspect, high levels of insulation and relatively low embodied energy construction, demonstrate the continuation of sustainable thinking into the detailed aspects of the project.”
For more details on this project head to the SA awards website.
Polychrome, New South Wales
Image: David Boyle Architect
A New South Wales sustainability award went to this colourful design by David Boyle Architect. Called ‘Polychrome’, the four, two-bedroom units in Newtown, Sydney, have had minimal changes to the existing H-shaped building footprint. Bedrooms have been relocated to the rear to create larger open plan areas that connect to new side and front gardens and improve passive cross ventilation.
External spaces have been landscaped to encourage street interaction with the community and blur the boundaries between public and private.
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