Eco Winter Escape in Arnhem Land

Issue 27 Words: Jacinta Cleary Photography: Peter Eve, Monsoon Studio

Looking for a holiday destination surrounded by spectacular scenery and natural habitat this winter?

Eco holiday lodgings are built to have as little impact on their surroundings as possible, are designed to stay naturally warm or cool to limit energy use, and reuse as much water as possible. And the best part is that you get to sample some of the most sustainable building designs around. So this winter, head somewhere naturally warmed, either by thermal mass on a chilly afternoon or tropical sunshine through a well-positioned window.

Djakanimba Pavilions

Wugularr (Beswick), NT

The Wugularr community lies in the southwest corner of Arnhem Land and is home to Djilpin Arts, an enterprising organisation that commissioned four versatile pavilions for work and leisure. The lightweight structures switch effortlessly from accommodation to training, workshop, or exhibition space through the use of fold-up, fold-down beds and sliding walls. Designed for the tropics by Insideout Architects, the pavilions sit on stilts above flood plains, and are cooled by breezes through louvres and front verandas. All income from the Djakanimba Pavilions supports Djilpin’s innovative arts and cultural projects.

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Did You Know?

Composting toilets can be installed in boats, motor-homes, regular homes and sheds built on concrete slabs.

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