Mountain straw bale house

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Lorinna is a remote hamlet around an hour from Cradle Mountain, and home to this charming straw bale house with mud render. The owners moved to this spot to be off the grid and did a lot of the straw bale construction themselves.

They work hard to get the most from their off-grid solar electricity and small hydro power system. Food is cooked on a wood-fired combustion stove or gas stove. The fridge and freezer are low energy and energy efficient LED lights are installed throughout. The house also has high levels of wool insulation and is warmed by the slow combustion stove and hydronic heating.

Every effort is made to conserve water on the property with large rainwater tanks and greywater used on the garden. The owner has made a reed bed greywater system from native plants and has plans for a pool for wildlife. And even more is saved via a composting toilet system.

The property features a 50 acre covenanted area to preserve eucalyptus viminalis and provide a habitat for animals, birds and plants. There’s also a large orchard with heritage fruit and nut trees that serves as a roaming area for chickens.

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Refrigerators can cost anywhere from $80 a year to over $900 a year to run, so choose carefully.

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