Geelong 8.5 Star house

Open Sunday September 14 for Sustainable House Day

During a severe heat wave earlier this year, this Geelong home stayed under 26 degrees Celsius while the temperature outside hovered in the low 40s for days on end. Wide northerly eaves kept the sun off the thermal mass over the hot days, and high levels of insulation helped keep indoor temperatures stable.

Along with its impressive thermal performance, this new 8.5 Star house is also a notable infill development, helping to increase the housing density of the local area. It’s built at the back of an existing 1950s home but still manages a northerly aspect to reap all the benefits of passive solar design.

The three-bedroom home is compact at just 138 square metres. It was important to the owners that the house was small but also linked to the north, with large sliding doors and a beautifully landscaped edible and kitchen garden surrounding the deck and pergola.

The reverse brick veneer construction and polished concrete slab gives the house very high levels of thermal mass, easily reaching over 20 degrees Celsius inside on sunny winter days.

Other features include solar power, a heat exchange ventilation system, LED lighting, a recirculating hot water system, double glazing, recycled building materials, sustainable timbers, low-VOC paints and joinery, rainwater tanks, a greywater system and the edible garden.

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Cover of Issue 28
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