Eco village home

Open Sunday September 14 for Sustainable House Day

Life in an eco village sounds ideal. Particularly one that holds creative writing courses, lantern-making workshops for children and art exhibitions for residents. While the Aldinga Arts Eco Village is a haven for creative types, it also benefits from sustainable design throughout, from all homes through to communal spaces.

The emphasis at Aldinga is on bringing people together. The village is committed to retaining over 40 per cent of the complex as open space for the community. Residents use permaculture principles wherever possible, including in the design of the village farm and its proposed organic food production. The private lots are orientated within 30 degrees of north to aid passive solar design, with all homes designed around village sustainability guidelines. Ongoing living costs are kept low with rainwater the main water source for all homes and many powered with solar panels.

One of the village’s newer houses is open as part of Sustainable House Day. It’s a straw bale, Colorbond and glass construction, thoughtfully designed around a courtyard, providing shelter and allowing winter sun into living areas. The straw bale creates texture, curves and embedded elements throughout the home.

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Did You Know?

Up to 60 per cent of the water used in an average home is used outside.

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