City Beach Home

Open Sunday September 14 for Sustainable House Day

This City Beach home is so close to Perth’s beautiful beaches that you can see the ocean from the balcony. It’s a classic example of a contemporary family home designed with sustainability principles without compromising on comfort.

The owners Mark and Helen asked Solar Dwellings to create a spacious home with separate living areas for them and their growing family, with some communal areas to encourage family interaction. Just as essential though, was the home’s ecological footprint, natural comfort and energy and water efficiency. The house is designed to maximise passive heating and cooling through high levels of insulation, shading, optimal orientation and window placement. The ocean location makes the most of natural breeze paths for summer cooling.

The house also includes full waste water recycling, a 20,000 litre rain water tank, solar hot water, LED and natural lighting and energy efficient appliances.

This is a large family home that includes a home office, pool and rumpus room, yet Mark and Helen receive minimal electricity bills and have even received credit for returning energy to the grid from their solar electricity system.

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Cover of Issue 28
You can read more about City Beach Home in Issue 28 of Sanctuary magazine.

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Did You Know?

Reducing your lawn area is the best way to save water as lawns can account for up to 90 per cent of water used in gardens.

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