Issue 43

Case study: Energy renovation

Retrofitting a 0.8 Star brick veneer unit to achieve an 8.4 Star rating proved to be a savvy investment in energy efficiency and better health.

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Value add: When do investments in energy efficiency pay off?

Energy efficiency can improve health and comfort and can be good for the hip pocket too. But at what point do retrofits start to pay off? We ask energy efficient housing experts Trivess Moore and David Whaley to find out.

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Refining the model: Nightingale

Nightingale Housing skips over the traditional, profit-driven property development model to instead deliver affordable and beautiful apartment communities that people are clamouring to live in. So, what’s their secret for success?

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Off-grid transformer

Set on a secluded site with ocean views, this off-grid house on the Hawaiian island of Maui demonstrates that a local size restriction needn’t get in the way of a functional, flexible, lovely home.

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Less is more

The owners of a tiny house, built using SIPs, are relishing the experience of living a life less ordinary.

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Teeny tiny triumphs

In this special feature, we look at five tiny footprint homes that show what’s possible with a less-is-more lifestyle.

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Sanctuary 43 out now

Sanctuary 43 is here, with a special ‘teeny tiny homes’ feature: five inspiring tiny-footprint homes where you can live well with less.

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Minimising paved areas in your garden will limit heat radiation and water run-off.