Issue 43

Pitched perfect

Builder-designer Sally Wills specialises in compact housing, and her new home is an exemplar of affordable 7 Star construction.

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Hike in quality

Tasmania’s investment in architect-designed, environmentally sensitive walkers’ huts – that stay naturally warm and dry year-round – is paying dividends for wilderness tourism and hiker comfort.

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Raising the barn

Retaining as much as possible of the existing mudbrick barn was key to this pet-friendly, low-maintenance budget build in central Victoria.

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A marriage of minds

This apartment in Sydney’s Potts Point demonstrates that the tiny house movement is not solely confined to houses.

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Hemp, hemp masonry and hempcrete: inside the budding regenerative materials industry

Hemp masonry is gaining recognition as a high-performance, low-impact and contemporary building product. Building designer and hemp proponent Dick Clarke explains how it’s best used in housing and its role in regenerating local agriculture.

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On cloud nine

This New Zealand architect borrowed a Japanese compact house concept for his own small home, achieving an uplifting living space in a mere 50 square metres.

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Collective wisdom

Subdividing her backyard to build a small-footprint house for herself has allowed Vicky Grosser to show how appropriate development can improve the sustainability and affordability of our cities.

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Passion project

A deceptively simple, low-energy home gives two Tassie tree-changers the breathing space they wanted to pursue their passions.

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Did You Know?

Composting toilets can save up to 60,000 litres of water a year for an average home.