Issue 42

Treat your site right

Too often gardens are trampled and destroyed during a building project but if you protect, rather than neglect, your soil and vegetation you’ll reap the rewards in your new garden, writes landscape designer Michael Tanner.

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The rise of the courtyard

As courtyards replace backyards as the primary outdoor space, architect Marie Carrel explains how they are best designed to maintain liveability.

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In the saddle

The result of a mutual understanding between architect and client, Saddle Hill House is a comfortable and well-insulated family home, achieved through passive solar design and renewable energy.

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Photosynthesis house

A tiny beach cottage in Sydney’s Manly Vale is sensitively renovated to bring all-day sunlight and year-round comfort to a family of five.

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Changing phase: Are PCMs living up to their promise?

The jury is still out on whether phase change materials (PCMs) offer bang for buck when it comes to home energy performance. But as more households and designers experiment with them and report results, Richard Keech considers why you might choose to use them.

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Stairs with flair

The humble staircase can do far more than provide access to your second floor. Anna Cumming shows that with a bit of creativity, stairs can fulfil multiple purposes from storage and thermal regulation to design feature or just sheer fun.

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Playtime front and centre

When it came to extending their house to fit their family, creating kid-friendly spaces with playful details was just as important to this Melbourne couple as achieving an energy efficient, light-filled home.

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Small footprint, smart ideas

A renovated worker’s cottage in Melbourne’s inner west marries age-old passive solar principles with bleeding-edge technology.

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Refrigerators can cost anywhere from $80 a year to over $900 a year to run, so choose carefully.