Issue 30

Designing For Hope

A collection of inspiring thinkers and innovative minds is captured in this recently published book which has been collated over two years.

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Ecocultures: Blueprints for Sustainable Communities

This book showcases inspiring communities or ‘ecocultures’ that are exemplars of the art and science of sustainable living.

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Connected: The sustainable landscapes of Phillip Johnson

This book explores the work of award-winning Australian landscape designer Phillip Johnson and his quest to connect homes with the natural landscape.

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Love Your Leftovers

This free cooking app to reduce household food waste by Holroyd City Council follows the release of a cookbook by the same name.

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Living with indoor plants

Indoor plants can help soften sterile environments and may have remarkable impacts on our health, as interior designer and healthy home consultant Megan Norgate explains.

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High achiever

The latest project by Positive Footprints is the first in a series of off-the-plan 9 Star homes and an attempt to bring sustainability to the mainstream.

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Urban garden planters Sanctuary discount

Glowpear is offering Sanctuary readers 20% off their garden planters featured in Sanctuary 30.

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Induction cooktops – now we’re cooking!

Going off gas can make both environmental and economic sense, as the ATA’s newly released report has found. The organisation’s Sophie Liu, who has recently made her own happy induction cooktop purchase, considers what this means in the kitchen.

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The shower is one of the easiest and most cost effective places to decrease your water use.