Issue 27

Handmade with love: building with recycled materials

Building a new house out of old materials was a singular vision for a Perth couple.

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Edible shade plants

Some plants will help you stay cool on hot summer days and produce fruit and veggies for your taste buds.

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Choosing an architect

If you watch the UK television show Grand Designs you will no doubt soon appreciate the incredible value a good architect brings to the design and construction process.

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Small, smart & detailed

This single fronted terrace in Clifton Hill, inner Melbourne, is a classic Victorian. Built over a century ago when the fashion was for introspective homes, the home was dark, enclosed and small.

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Eco Winter Escape in Arnhem Land

Looking for a holiday destination surrounded by spectacular scenery and natural habitat this winter?

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Winter comfort: energy efficient heating options

What are the most energy efficient heating options to keep warm in winter? It’s a tricky question, writes Alan Pears.

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Beach shack revival

Nestled below the protective ridge of Point Lookout on North Stradbroke Island sits this sustainable beach house and its recent lightweight extension.

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Texture & light

When you walk in the back door of this house in Melbourne’s north you’re faced with enough fresh produce and condiments to encourage you to head straight into the kitchen and cook.

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Refrigerators can cost anywhere from $80 a year to over $900 a year to run, so choose carefully.