Issue 24

Get your sun shades on: external blinds and shading

In most climates, appropriate sun shading is as important to successful passive solar design as orientation and window placement. Anna Cumming looks at how to keep the sun out when it’s not wanted.

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Heat pump water heater

A reader wants to know what type of water heater works best in a home with no solar access.

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Gardening in the dry

Successful water wise gardens are about common sense and taking stock of what’s local.

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Designing 10 Star homes

10 Star homes require no heating or cooling to keep us comfortable year-round. So why have so few of these super energy efficient homes been built?

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Sustainable home design basics

Sustainable home design is really just common sense.

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Sustainable House Day 2013

Doors will open to curious crowds for Sustainable House Day (SHD) on 8 September 2013.

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Earthly home comforts

On wet and wintry days in Victoria’s Yarra Ranges, a house has to be decidedly warm. But it’s the quality of warmth in this earth covered home that’s arresting – deep, yet gentle and soothing.

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The simple life

The pared back design of this modular home promotes sustainability, simplicity and liveability.

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Refrigerators can cost anywhere from $80 a year to over $900 a year to run, so choose carefully.