Issue 23

Melbourne style on a budget

This Melbourne renovation shows that sustainability can be achieved on a budget, with outstanding results.

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Appliances for green kitchens

Efficiency ratings are important but there are other things to consider when buying ‘green’ kitchen appliances.

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Recycled kitchens, salvage with style

Kitchens lend themselves brilliantly to salvaged materials and with care and time, recycled kitchens can be stunning.

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A beachside home & lifestyle

From inner-west to the northern beaches, a Sydney family build a sustainable, “robust” beach home for young boys and grandparents.

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Green painting, cheaper and easier than ever

Green painting is cheaper and easier than ever so ensure that your next paint job is kinder on your family’s health and on the environment.

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Sustainable kitchens & bathrooms on a budget

Some expert tips for sustainable kitchen renovations with small budgets.

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Did You Know?

Composting toilets can save up to 60,000 litres of water a year for an average home.