ABC Vegie Guide

The ABC Vegie Guide uses your climate and the date to recommend vegies for you to grow.

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Love Your Leftovers

This free cooking app to reduce household food waste by Holroyd City Council follows the release of a cookbook by the same name.

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Recycle Right

Many councils have created their own recycling apps, tailored specifically for local householders and services.

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The Garden Planner

The Garden Planner is filled with seasonal gardening advice and planting guides.

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Shop ethical

This app gives you on-the-spot and up-to-date access to the environmental and social record of companies behind common brand names.

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Sustainable seafood guide

Australia’s Sustainable Seafood Guide app helps you to make ethical seafood choices.

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Did You Know?

Up to 60 per cent of the water used in an average home is used outside.