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Reflective window films pros and cons

A reader asks if adding a reflective window film will affect heat transmission in winter.

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Achieving a high insulation rating

A Sanctuary reader asks how to achieve an R4 insulation level.

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Green flooring options

Dick Clarke helps a reader struggling to find the right flooring with a minimal environmental impact.

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Choosing tiles

Melissa Wittig helps a reader with a question on the tricky subject of sustainable tiling.

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Window ratio to floor area advice

One reader asks architect Caroline Pidcock about ideal window ratios.

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Slab insulation advice

It’s a good idea to insulate your slab if mechanical heating or cooling is needed in your home, says sustainable design expert Dick Clarke.

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Steps to energy efficient heating

Insulate first then choose a whole-of-house heating option this winter.

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Heat pump water heater

A reader wants to know what type of water heater works best in a home with no solar access.

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Refrigerators can cost anywhere from $80 a year to over $900 a year to run, so choose carefully.