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A home for life

Metro Melbourne’s first certified Passive House is throwing open its doors for Sustainable House Day 2017 to show that high performance housing can be achieved on a tight budget.

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Home with heart

Featuring an effective passive solar design, salvaged and recycled materials, and an innovative whole-block water harvesting system, this little owner-built home provides a comfortable base for a young Canberra family. Open for Sustainable House Day 2017.

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Recent Articles

Windows: In the frame

Wondering which glazing is most suitable for your house and climate? Lance Turner and Dick Clarke introduce you to the delicate art of window selection, and explain the key terms and concepts to get you started.

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Gardening with stormwater

Don’t let all the water go down the drain: use clever landscape design to keep your garden thriving with stormwater.

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Solar sizing latest: ‘Go big’ with your PV system

Wondering what size solar photovoltaic system to install? The latest ATA modelling shows that bigger is better, even if you don’t use much electricity.

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Material benefit: specifying eco building products

Vetting the green credentials of building products is difficult for everyone. We find out how the experts go about this tricky task.

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