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Going up in the world

Careful attention to retrofitting the original house has resulted in a net-zero renovation and addition for this Melbourne family. A creative approach to the new roofline also allowed the inclusion of a second storey without overshadowing the neighbours.

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Renovation automation

It is possible to transform an old house with its temperature extremes into a comfy 8.4 Star home – and with the latest home automation tools, you can continue making improvements that reduce energy bills too.

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When Stars align: Finding the energy star rating and financial ‘sweet spot’

When does investment in energy performance garner a financial return? We ask three of Australia’s leading energy efficiency housing researchers to find out.

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Keep your cool with external shading

With summers getting hotter in many parts of Australia, keeping the sun off your windows and out of your home is becoming even more important. Anna Cumming looks at the options for external shading, for both new builds and retrofits.

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Not just window dressing: High-performance curtains, blinds and shutters

Internal window coverings can protect privacy and dramatically improve the thermal function of a house, and if you choose with care, they can help keep you comfortable for years, writes Anna Cumming.

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Windows: In the frame

Wondering which glazing is most suitable for your house and climate? Lance Turner and Dick Clarke introduce you to the delicate art of window selection, and explain the key terms and concepts to get you started.

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