The Forest Garden Greenhouse

The Forest Garden Greenhouse is the culmination of a lifetime’s work spent designing and building greenhouses. Osentowski is an expert on growing edible food forests indoors, and this book makes for inspired reading for anyone keen to extend their growing season, particularly if living in a cold climate. Osentowski writes, “When it comes to starting a greenhouse project, instead of building it only as a tomato crop extender, I encourage you to imagine a broader spectrum of possibilities.” The book covers greenhouse design and construction, ventilation, bed layout and soil building, as well as companion planting, pest management and the use of microclimates. The book contains an in-depth history of greenhouses, case studies of DIY greenhouses and analysis of larger, more extensive greenhouses. It also covers the ‘climate battery’, a subterranean air circulation system that takes hot, moist air from the greenhouse during the day, stores it in the
soil and discharges it back into the greenhouse at night.

Jerome Osentowski
Chelsea Green Publishing, 2015
US $34.95

Perfect Imperfect: The beauty of accident, age & patina

Wabi-sabi finds beauty in the irregular, the impermanent and the simple. The book profiles the homes of creative people such as Australian photographer Martyn Thompson and architect John Wardle. The book explores topics including ‘spirit of nature’, ‘weathering and decay’ and ‘incomplete and irregular.’ With interest in handcrafted objects increasing, as consumers grow disillusioned with cheap mass-produced goods, this book celebrates quality. McCartney’s writing sings, and the photographs by Cairns and Proebstel are intriguing.

Karen McCartney, photographs by Sharyn Cairns and Glen Proebstel
Murdoch Books, 2016

The Urbanist

The website is exceptionally user friendly, with each podcast divided into chapters for ease of selective listening. Episode #243 ‘Legacy’ discusses good urban design, explains the architecture connection between Macedonia’s capital and Japan’s Hiroshima, examines Vienna’s Nazi past and looks at urban regeneration in London. Episode #237 ‘Density’ asks: how do you tackle overcrowding without expanding a city’s footprint? Episode #230 ‘Downunder’ looks at the renewal of Melbourne’s docklands, profiles the city of Canberra and explores the urban design of William Street in Sydney. With so many archived episodes, and easy streaming straight from the website, this is a great resource, featuring architects and designers from all over the world.

Hosted by Andrew Tuck / Produced by Monocle

Parlour: women, equity, architecture

“Why are the numbers of registered female architects disproportionate to the number of female graduates from architecture school?” is one of many questions on the Parlour website, “and why does that number fall behind the numbers of registered architects that are men?” Parlour aims to bridge the gender gap that exists in the sector and covers topics such as unconscious bias, leadership, social equity and mentoring. Launched by a team of scholars from the University of Queensland and edited by Justine Clarke from the University of Melbourne, this website boasts fantastic essays and insightful statistics which address the professional and personal concerns female architects face.