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Embracing the shack

A backyard studio ‘shack’ was the ideal way to create more living space without compromising an otherwise perfect Tasmanian home.

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Curvaceous beauty

A creative response to the constraints of an awkwardly shaped site has resulted in an eye-catching curvilinear family home in inner Melbourne.

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Recent Articles

Taking back the power

Can community energy fuel a faster and fairer transition to a greener grid?

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Right to light: solar access and the law

Australia’s legal regimes don’t explicitly protect solar access for solar panels or passive solar designed buildings. But, as more households fight through the courts for their right to light, there are important precedents being set across the country.

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Reviving the art of repair

It’s often cheaper and easier to throw products out than fix them, a reality Michelle Fisher and the Repair Café movement is trying to turn around, one broken mobile phone, record player or pair of shoes at a time.

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How to avoid common sustainable design mistakes

Making mistakes in a building project can cost time and money, and leave you well short of the energy-efficient home you planned for. Verity Campbell asks four experienced designers about their top tips for avoiding the most common pitfalls.

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