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Tassie off-grid

Going off the grid in preparation for retirement is a dream for many and a reality for Peter and Robyn Tuft who run their house and car from a solar and micro-hydro power system.

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Hempcrete house

Building with hemp is still a novelty in Australia, but interest continues to grow. This house in inner-Sydney is built using hempcrete for its low embodied energy and excellent acoustic and thermal performance.

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Simple pleasures: saving energy in the smart home

Smart tech has the potential to save energy in the home – but you need to go well beyond a product’s energy-saving claims in order to really work out if the ‘smart’ solution is in fact more effective than a ‘simple’ one.

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Should you quit the grid?

Debate abounds on whether going off-grid is the ‘greenest’ response for those households wanting to reduce their environmental impact and reduce energy bills. Andrew Reddaway steps through the multiple ways households are connected to the grid, and explains what’s involved with cutting ties.

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Gimme shelter: Birdscaping

Designing outdoor spaces to attract birds is a wonderful way to conserve, create and reconnect habitat. Sarah Coles speaks to Bev Debrincat from the Habitat Network about the best ways to birdscape your garden.

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Daylight your home

When investigating a skylight for your home, the first question to consider is whether you need sunlight or just light. With the advent of solar-powered LED technologies you can now bring ‘daylight’ into your home or apartment without compromising the building envelope – but if you want the real thing, there are several energy-rated skylights on the market. Dick Clarke explains.

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