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Grass is greener

Part of our Common Ground feature on sustainable and liveable strata, this Melbourne apartment block’s residents banded together to install an extensive green roof, with many benefits.

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Straight from the garden

A hard-working kitchen in a home with a permaculture garden in inner-urban Melbourne has been transformed for greater purpose and usability; it’s part of our Greener Kitchens & Bathrooms special.

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Recent Articles

How to avoid common sustainable design mistakes

Making mistakes in a building project can cost time and money, and leave you well short of the energy-efficient home you planned for. Verity Campbell asks four experienced designers about their top tips for avoiding the most common pitfalls.

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Maintaining your kitchen and bathroom

You don’t need to resort to toxic products to maintain the surfaces in your home.

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Optimise your solar

There are now over 1.6 million solar power systems sitting atop Australian roofs, but do you know if yours is working properly? ATA founder and solar PV pioneer Mick Harris helps you find out.

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When is a concrete floor the right choice?

Concrete floor slabs are a standard way to embed thermal mass in passive design, but is it always the right approach? Dick Clarke explains the benefits and design considerations for using concrete, and some alternatives.

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