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Take two

The second renovation of this South Fremantle house has strengthened the owners’ connection to their home of over 40 years.

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Pigeon pair

Two similar yet different Melbourne extensions demonstrate how clever design thinking can make the most of any orientation.

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Build without skip bins

Reducing waste is a challenge for any house project especially as the building industry is still geared towards landfill – contributing almost 40 per cent of Australia’s overall waste. But, as owner-builder Greg O’Byrne found, he could all but eliminate landfill and even went without a skip bin when constructing his sustainable home.

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Open source home automation

Home automation need not tie you to one brand or another. Designer Paul Hendy explains how he used the open standard KNX software to augment his passive solar home for ultimate comfort.

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Prefab performers: 16 of the top rating modular and prefabricated homes

If you still think prefab is code for ‘cookie cutter’ you’d be wrong. There has been a widespread architectural revolution when it comes to prefabricated construction; now, almost any design is possible. We look at the latest developments in Australia.

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The makings of a sustainable renovation

Sanctuary 41 presents renovation success stories. Excellent renovations make the whole house better, reduce bills and improve comfort. Unfortunately, too many reno projects miss opportunities to reach their potential. We present you with our top eight design considerations along with real-world profiles that show just how good renovated homes can be.

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