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Country spread

Living in the country may seem charming and idyllic to some, but Pamela O’Reilly endured many climatic extremes before building a modern farmhouse near Margaret River.

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Big sky views

Constructed from locally sourced materials and designed in the style of a traditional worker’s shed, this new family home in Trentham is comfortable, thermally efficient and provides views in all directions.

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Gimme shelter: Birdscaping

Designing outdoor spaces to attract birds is a wonderful way to conserve, create and reconnect habitat. Sarah Coles speaks to Bev Debrincat from the Habitat Network about the best ways to birdscape your garden.

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Daylight your home

When investigating a skylight for your home, the first question to consider is whether you need sunlight or just light. With the advent of solar-powered LED technologies you can now bring ‘daylight’ into your home or apartment without compromising the building envelope – but if you want the real thing, there are several energy-rated skylights on the market. Dick Clarke explains.

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Green granny flats and studios: 10 of the best

As cities sprawl and become less affordable for many residents, the suburbs are seeing the rise of self-contained studios and granny flats. We look at the changing regulations controlling these small ‘secondary dwellings’ and feature 10 sustainable designs that are striking the right balance between urban infill, amenity and precious urban vegetation.

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More affordable and more sustainable?

The latest research shows that green homes can improve housing affordability over the life of a building with little or no additional upfront costs – so why does sustainable design not rate in the affordability debate?

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