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Strata artistry

With abundant natural light and ventilation, this new 8.6 Star apartment building is an exemplar of urban densification done well.

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Off the shelf

After building their own home from locally sourced materials and using a simple design, Jane and Owen have packaged up their approach for others in their close-knit Tasmanian community.

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When is a concrete floor the right choice?

Concrete floor slabs are a standard way to embed thermal mass in passive design, but is it always the right approach? Dick Clarke explains the benefits and design considerations for using concrete, and some alternatives.

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Planting beyond tomorrow: selecting resilient trees for your garden

A tree planted today will (hopefully) still be thriving more than a century from now. But with many established trees already stressed by climate extremes, Michael Tanner explains how to factor in the future when selecting resilient trees for your garden.

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Design frontiers: How 3D modelling puts you in the picture

As governments around the world make 3D design tools mandatory for large infrastructure projects, we investigate how local designers are already using Building Information Modelling (BIM) to get better results for green homes and renovations.

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Green facades

Green facades are a contemporary take on something we have been doing for centuries: growing plants on walls. Climbing plants can shield your home, studio, or garage from direct sunlight, and are an effective way to reduce the internal temperature of a house in summer.

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