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Recent House Profiles

Rammed earth getaway

Win a weekend away!

Adventure seekers and city folk have long sought escape in the Grampians’ rugged sandstone and forested mountain vistas.

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Tropical immersion

In the steamy tropics of Queensland, a couple find relief from the heat and nearby suburbia in a rainforest tree house.

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Recent Articles

The generous verge garden

Planting veggies and herbs on the verge is a productive way to garden.

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Design for heatwaves

We need to think differently when designing or adapting a home to better cope with the multiple adverse impacts of climate change. Dick Clarke and Chris Reardon look at smarter ways to prepare for heatwaves.

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A cool roof this summer

The colour, shape and structure of our roofs all impact on internal house temperatures. As our summers are tipped to become longer and hotter, how can our roofs best
meet this challenge and keep us cool?

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Indigenous architecture

As we face longer and hotter summers and more unpredictable weather patterns, what can we learn from Australia’s original custodians about creating places that respond to and take advantage of our natural systems?

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