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A home for life

Metro Melbourne’s first certified Passive House is throwing open its doors for Sustainable House Day 2017 to show that high performance housing can be achieved on a tight budget.

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Home with heart

Featuring an effective passive solar design, salvaged and recycled materials, and an innovative whole-block water harvesting system, this little owner-built home provides a comfortable base for a young Canberra family. Open for Sustainable House Day 2017.

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Recent Articles

Natural pools in depth

Natural pools are designed to minimise the environmental impact of backyard bathing, and are aesthetically beautiful too. With hundreds of these systems now installed in Australia, we find out how they work.

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City cornucopia

Increasing wellbeing and connection to nature, reducing food miles to food metres, and turning waste streams into resources: it’s increasingly clear that urban agriculture is a vital ingredient for sustainable cities.

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Many happy returns: 21 years of solar

Stuart McQuire and Wendy Orams were second in Australia to install a grid-connected rooftop PV system and haven’t paid an electricity bill since 1996. Twenty-one years on, they speak to Kulja Coulston about their unflagging commitment to sustainability, and the solar snowball they helped start rolling.

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Pushing the boundaries: fence materials and design

Contemporary architecture is inspiring many of us to think more creatively about house design. Mara Ripani writes that, with a little extra planning, you can push the boundaries of your fence design as well.

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