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On cloud nine

This New Zealand architect borrowed a Japanese compact house concept for his own small home, achieving an uplifting living space in a mere 50 square metres.

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Collective wisdom

Subdividing her backyard to build a small-footprint house for herself has allowed Vicky Grosser to show how appropriate development can improve the sustainability and affordability of our cities.

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Hemp, hemp masonry and hempcrete: inside the budding regenerative materials industry

Hemp masonry is gaining recognition as a high-performance, low-impact and contemporary building product. Building designer and hemp proponent Dick Clarke explains how it’s best used in housing and its role in regenerating local agriculture.

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Case study: Energy renovation

Retrofitting a 0.8 Star brick veneer unit to achieve an 8.4 Star rating proved to be a savvy investment in energy efficiency and better health.

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Value add: When do investments in energy efficiency pay off?

Energy efficiency can improve health and comfort and can be good for the hip pocket too. But at what point do retrofits start to pay off? We ask energy efficient housing experts Trivess Moore and David Whaley to find out.

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Refining the model: Nightingale

Nightingale Housing skips over the traditional, profit-driven property development model to instead deliver affordable and beautiful apartment communities that people are clamouring to live in. So, what’s their secret for success?

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